Multiple Vehicle Pile Up Crashes

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Multiple Vehicle Pile Up Crashes

Alabama Multiple Vehicle Pile Up Crash Injury Lawyers

Who is At Fault?

Here’s the scenario:  Car 1 rear-ends Car 2, forcing Car 2 to crash into Car Number 3.  Classic multi-car “Pile Up” crash.

Who is at fault for Car 3’s injuries and damages? The answer seems obvious—Car 1, the car that initiated or started the pile up. Insurance companies, however, will often try to look for reasons to obscure the obvious to avoid paying multiple claims.

For example, if the impact between Car 2 and Car 3 followed immediately after Car 1 hit Car 2 (“Bang” “Bang”), a sneaky insurance company will try to claim that Car 2 hit Car 3 before the initial impact between Cars 1 and 2. In other words, insurance companies like to claim their own insured (in this scenario Car 1) could not avoid crashing into Car 2 because Car 2 had already crashed into Car 3. Insurance companies pull this not only to avoid paying for Car 2, but for any other vehicles that were hit on down the line.

What’s worse, the insurance companies for the other cars involved in the crash, for example, Car 2, will then take the opposite position—i.e., that Car 1 in fact caused the pile up—leaving Car 3 stuck between 2 insurance companies without recourse.

Take heart, the attorneys at Bodewell Injury Group know these games and are capable to proving through objective evidence which car caused the crash and thus which insurance company is on the hook to pay for the injuries and damages.  For example, we have the resources to extract the “Event Data Recorder” aka the “Black Box” from all cars involved, and thus to demonstrate the speed, braking, steering inputs, and other crucial evidence to prove exactly how the crash occurred.

It is of the utmost importance that you document the scene of the crash and damage to the vehicles with photos and video and to secure contact information of key witnesses.  It is also important that you call an experienced attorney as soon as possible after a multi-car pile up crash so that your right to recover is preserved and maximized.

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